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About Dr. Murray

Dr. Candice Murray is a Registered Psychologist (#1733) whose practice focuses on ADHD/ADD in children, teenagers, and adults. 

ADHD/ADD often presents with other conditions (e.g., emotional dysregulation, executive functioning challenges, anxiety, depression) and Dr. Murray treats these conditions when they co-occur with ADHD.

Dr. Murray uses evidence-based guidelines for assessment and treatment services because studies show that these methods are effective in reducing symptoms and improving mental health.

About Us

 Clients deserve the highest quality of services available so their potential can be met in an effective and compassionate manner.

Psycho-Educational Assessments
(Children & 
ADHD/ADD Assessments
(All Ages) 


Individual Therapy
(Children & Adolescents) 
Individual Therapy
(Adults with ADHD only)
Group Therapy
(Adults with ADHD)



#402-205 Newport Drive
Port Moody, B.C V3H 5C9


There is free street and building parking around the Newport Professional building, where the office is located. Some of the parking areas have time limits, so check signage for the parking spot. Underground parking lots are located throughout Newport Village. You can enter them until 6pm. There is underground parking beneath Brown’s Social House with 4 hours of free parking. Please park in any spot designated for PUBLIC HEALTH or any spot without markings.

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