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About Dr. Murray

Dr. Candice Murray is a Registered Psychologist whose practice focuses on ADHD/ADD in children, teenagers, and adults. 

ADHD/ADD often presents with other conditions (e.g., emotional dysregulation, executive functioning challenges, anxiety, depression) and Dr. Murray treats these conditions when they co-occur with ADHD.

Dr. Murray uses evidence-based guidelines for assessment and treatment services because studies show that these methods are effective in reducing symptoms and improving mental health.


Dr. Murray has worked in the Provincial ADHD Program at B.C Children’s Hospital for over 20 years and is a former Director of the program. She is also a Clinical Instructor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

Recent Projects

  • Co-created ‘Rolling with ADHD: Parent Series', a free, online video program that provides strategies to parents and caregivers on how to manage ADHD in children. The program has been used by over 5,000 families. 

  • Co-created 'Rolling with ADHD: Teacher Series', a free online video program that helps teachers understand and manage ADHD in the classroom. 

  • Co-created "ADHD Basics", a 20 minute educational video that explains what ADHD is (and what it's not!)

  • Co-created ‘Skills for Success: ADHD Strategies for Post-Secondary Students’, a Shared Care program (Doctors of BC and BC government partnership) for physicians to support university students who have ADHD.

  • Invited speaker at provincial and national conferences on ADHD/ADD (CADDAC, CADDRA)

  • Invited speaker at education conferences (e.g., TIE-BC, LATA, BCPVPA)

  • Peer-reviewed research publications on ADHD/ADD

Education and Professional Affiliations

Dr. Murray completed her Master's and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology at the University of British Columbia. She has undergraduate degrees in Literature (McGill University) and Psychology, Honours with Distinction (Concordia University). She is a member of the College of Psychologists of BC and the BC Psychological Association.

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